Yoga and Mindfulness - Day Retreat

Managing Change - an exploration through the gunas


Sunday 11 November 2018
9am - 3.30pm
Marry Potter Centre, 422 Durham Street North, St Albans, ChCh
Cost: $80 (discount available if required, please contact Uschi or Jane)

Many of us are familiar with the adage:

“The only constant there is, is change”. 

Despite consciously knowing that change is an inevitable part of life, many of us feel unsettled by our own and others’ changing moods, energy-levels & reactions. Not just that, we also berate ourselves or judge others for not living up to our expectations.

This day retreat offers time to slow down, connect and reflect. The theme explored, is the universal concept of the gunas. The gunas are often described as attributes of nature, responsible for all of creation, from the smallest nanoparticle to the distant galaxies. It is the working of the three gunas, that enables the seed to grow into a tree, the plant matter to decompose, and the rose to spread its fragrance. It is due to the working of the gunas that you feel dull one moment, energised the next and blissfully at peace another. 

Join us in exploring how these ancient teachings can support you becoming more accepting of and at peace with change. Gain a new perspective that enables you to flow with life more freely and increase personal resilience.

You will be guided in

  • learning about the gunas and how this relates to you

  • exploring how to work with the gunas in day to day life

  • mindful yoga asana practice (physical exercises/postures)

  • pranayama (breathing practices)

meditation and deep guided relaxation (yoga nidra)

This day retreat will be a mix of theory, small group discussions, and guided yoga and mindfulness practices.

Includes morning and afternoon tea and handouts. We invite everyone to contribute to a shared lunch at the venue.

Suitable for all, from beginners through to experienced practitioners of Yoga.

Certificate of completion for CPD purposes available on request.

Facilitators: Jane (Gyananidhi), Uschi (Pavitra)