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Options for private sessions our experienced teachers:


Hatha Yoga with Atmavidya

Atmavidya offers personalised guidance and help with:

·      Yogic Lifestyle

·      Asana (posture practices) 

·      Pranayama (breathing practices and expansion of vital energy)

·      Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)

.      Meditation

.      Hatha Yoga cleansing practices 

Contact Atmavidya for:

  • One on one (or two) support to build confidence in the foundations of Hatha Yoga before attending classes (for those new to yoga and meditation);

  • Individualised guidance in developing a personal home or travel practice to address particular strengths, imbalances or needs;

  • Individualised guidance to deepen practice of yoga and meditation, increase mindfulness and deepen awareness and connectedness with oneself;

  • Individualised guidance with practices to expand well-being of body, mind and spirit, to bring to balance any particular imbalances or health conditions (for example practices to support strength of core or spine; addressing regularity with sleeping; practices to support deepening peace and calm in life and more positive mind states; healing from trauma);

  • Individualised instruction for practice of ancient Hatha Yoga systems for purification and cleansing of the digestive system or other body systems;

  • Yogic Lifestyle suggestions to support well-being of body, mind and spirit.

Venue:  Atmavidya Yoga, Southshore or from your own home


$90 for one hour or by Koha

$120 for 90 minutes or by Koha

$75 for 50 minutes or by Koha

This includes

·      Written practice that follows the one-on one session;

·      You are welcome to bring your phone to record your personalised practice and feel free to share this recording with Atmavidya.

There is no cost for the first 30 minutes of the first consultation.

Travel costs apply for Private Sessions from your own home.

Contact: teacher (Atmavidya)