Monthly Events

Mantra Meditation practice of Kirtan

Friday: 14 July & 11 August





"How can you describe the relish of honey, the emotion of love, or the event of giving birth? In some mysterious way, kirtan can be compared with all of that – but then it is also completely different.
Words can show us the direction in which to look for the kirtan-experience, but only when you sit down, move towards your inner space, and then sing out, will you start to know what kirtan really is. Because at that time your soul will rise up and start to dance…"

Sacinandana Swami


Kirtan as a yoga practice is part of nada yoga. Yoga teaches us that the special vibration of the sounds created by mantra affects us on various levels, e.g. cellular, emotional, mental, psychic.  The singing of Kirtan has a purifying and releasing effect on our overall being. It is the Yoga of the Heart.
Followed by chai and shared kai (food)

no enrolment necessary

Chanting of the Mahamrityunjaya healing mantra

Date for next practice:


New MOON 23 July: as usual at Mahadevi's home in Burnside

start time: 3.30pm

Mahadevi warmly invites you to join her in chanting 108 rounds of the Mahamrityunjaya mantra twice monthly, on or very close to the full and new moons. This means the gathering will be on different days of the month giving everyone who chooses, the opportunity to come at some time.

The Mahamrityunjaya mantra is an ancient and very powerful mantra used for healing, nurturance and relief from suffering on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  It facilitates courage and transformation in the face of life's difficulties

Contact Mahadevi for address and any further information - m: 021 105 8582

Workshops & Retreats


Spring Equinox: Yoga and Meditation Retreat



starts:  Friday 6th October at 6.00pm with dinner

Ends:  Sunday 8th October after lunch

Enjoy the simplicity and balance of yoga and mindful movement practices;
Take some time for yourself in a beautiful natural environment;
Sow seeds for new possibilities and beginnings;
Nourish yourself with wholesome food;
Share the weekend with others of like heart-mind

Teachers:  Atmavidya, Jane (Gyananidhi) and Nicky Woodward

Suitable for all, from beginners through to experienced practitioners of Yoga



  • Early Booking before 30 June: $225 per person (4 bed bunk room with ensuite.)
  • After 30 June: $265 per person (4 bed bunk room with ensuite.) 
  • Two spaces only in twin or bunk room with ensuite, shared with one other person of same gender:  $365 (no early bird price option available) 
  • Camping option available 

Includes all practices, meals, same gender shared accommodation. 

Warm comfortable venue:  Wainui Camp, Banks Peninsula (80 mins from Christchurch)

Enquiries, registrations contact Atmavidya: