Yogic Lifestyle Retreats

Southshore Yoga Retreat - Navaratri:  5 - 15 April (with option to join individual sessions)

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Is it time to deepen your Yoga practice? Are you wanting to bring yoga more fully into your life?

Join me with this beautiful opportunity to nourish your body, mind and spirit and melt into the bliss of yoga.

Autumn is an auspicious time to enter into a set of practices that can generate great transformation.  This will allow easeful transition from summer to winter, the letting go of what is complete and the opportunity to embrace the new.

“The conjunctions of the planets exert an influence on the human psyche and energy, making the human nature more sensitive, more internalised, more aware.  This period is known as Navaratri.

“The ancients, our ancestors, have defined this period of Navaratri as one in which one can overcome the limiting, destructive habits of life and materialistic mentality, to cultivate more harmonious awareness."  Swami Niranjanananda.

On each of the nine days and nights of Navaratri, a different aspect of the feminine nature within all beings, is celebrated.

This Retreat includes a beautiful and powerful daily mantra meditation practice, Evening Meditation, afternoon Restorative Yoga, breathing and deep relaxation practices as well as the opportunity to learn the art of Karma Yoga.  It is an opportunity to deepen your practice of yoga and build the strength of mind that allows it to remain focused on one point of awareness.

All of the practices contribute to  expansion of connection with the beauty nature, to the deeper boundless inner strength, abundance and creativity of each being.

The Mantra Meditation and evening meditation practices can be enjoyed from sitting (on the ground or on a chair) or lying down.  The practice begins with explanation of the focus for the day. This is followed by a sacred fire practice each morning, either inside with a candle or under a covered area outside if the weather is suitable.  Other sacred sound practices and mantra meditation will follow.

One of the great strengths of the practices is the building of capacity to remain focused on the experience of the mantra and also on what one chooses to focus on, in life.  This provides rest from the constant movement of mind.

Bring:  Warm clothing to put on, outside cushion and blanket.

Retreat Begins:  6pm Friday 5 April and ends 15 April

Contribution:  $999 for 10 nights;  $700 for 6 nights; $370 for 3 nights  or $130 per night

This Retreat allows one to enjoy a ‘live in’ yogic lifestyle retreat experience at Southshore and includes all practices, 3 vegan meals each day, guidance on yogic lifestyle including up to two hours per day of karma yoga (yoga of action in life).  

Karma yoga practice allows one to learn how to engage with everyday activities of life with  balance of the body mind. It helps one imbibe the skills of living yogic life and could include helping with the day to day activities of the Retreat, including food preparation and helping to cook vegan meals; cleaning; help in the garden.  

Karma yoga  practice helps to bring balance to the powerful daily mantra meditation practice.  Each day a particular focus is brought to the karma yoga practice to help deepen capacity to transform oneself and apply yogic lifestyle in the rest of one’s day to day life.

Contribution for individual sessions: $40 per half day including lunch or by koha or dana (giving out of generosity for the well-being of all).

Bring: Outside cushion and woollen blanket for morning session

Location:  Southshore

Email:  atmavidya@atmavidya.co.nz for space in this Retreat.

Southshore Navaratri Yoga Retreat Daily Schedule 6-10 April:

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