Mini -Retreats

A series of  7 three hour Saturday morning classes running from July to December 2018, are offered as Mini-Retreats to deepen nourishment and well-being of body, mind and spirit.  They support deepening connection with oneself through understanding and experience of Yamas and Niyamas of Yoga. 

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Weekend Spring Retreat

Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat

 Self-Care through the Seasons

 Vista of Mt Somers at Staveley Camp

 9-11 November 2018
Venue: Staveley Camp - 90min from CHCH

Many of us are familiar with the adage: “The only constant there is, is change”.

Despite consciously knowing that change is an inevitable part of life, many of us feel unsettled by our own and others’ changing moods, energy-levels & feelings. Join us in exploring how the yogic teachings on the three gunas, described as the three universal attributes of nature, can support you becoming more accepting of and at peace with change.

This weekend retreat offers guided yoga, meditation and Feldenkrais practices, me-time, time to slow down, delicious food, and time to reflect and connect with others of similar heart and mind. 

facilitators: Jane (Gyananidhi), Uschi (Pavitra) & Nicky

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 More Retreats

Permaculture Design and Yoga
at Anhata Yoga Retreat Centre, Golden Bay

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19 Day Retreat
Thurs 04 - Mon 22 Oct, '18

Combining Outer Ecology (Permaculture) with Inner Ecology (Yoga) with Atmavidya and Robina McCurdy

‘Permaculture’ is an integrated land use design methodology based on ecological principles, with practical application from sustainable household to eco-nation to global restoration. This great course combines permaculture with an intimate introduction to a yogic more