Blessings of the Autumn Moon Retreat

It was truly a blessing to be part of this Autumn Moon Retreat for 2017.  Nicky, Jane and Atmavidya were humbled by the beauty and fullness of the feedback received from participants in the Retreat.  It speaks for itself:

"I deeply appreciated all the love and care given to the smallest detail. 
There were several exquisite moments where I touched deep within. 
My gratitude to you all. 
What could have made it even more wonderful was perhaps more time between breakfast and karma yoga and perhaps take a shorter morning tea break. Many blessings for your dedicated work.
 Much love,”
“Fabulous Retreat. 
Space to ease back into oneself, reconnect,
find peace,
feel gratitude,
meet kindred spirits on the way. 
The food was especially nurturing and healing. 
The timing of classes was beautiful. 
The calling bell was so gentle and inviting to the ear. 
Many, many thanks”
“Thank you for creating such a wonderful enlightening experience. 
So much care, kindness and thought has gone into this Retreat. 
Fab food. 
Great setting. 
Wonderful to experience the Feldy Yoga. 
Teachers adaptable
and overall just amazing.”
“Thank you beautiful teachers. 
I found it very useful when you shared your own experience with us
as well as your knowledge and skills
to provide the beautiful structure
that made it safe to go deep
and to let some things go.
Introducing Karma Yoga was enlightening for me
– get me out of negative self-talk when it comes to housework.
Also I appreciate that there are opt-out options available/differentiation.
Like more of the Feldy workshops.
How to meditate for beginners?”
“Thank you for the wonderful teaching and wisdom. 
Your personas exude so much peace and calmness
that it has a major impact on attendees. 
The food and venue were fantastic also.”
“Thank you for all the kindness, love, joy and wisdom
you beautiful ladies have given us. 
Please don’t change the practices or the food or anything. 
Maybe more kirtan and dance. 
And a longer retreat. 
We crave more.
“You are beautiful people. 
This retreat gave me exactly what I wanted. 
I wouldn’t change it in any way.”
“I loved the pace within and between parts of our weekend. 
It gave me time to be with myself. 
Good learning for life in general…”
“Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you,
For the beautiful food
For the beautiful yoga,
For the feeling of being looked after and being nurtured.
Om, Om, Om.”
“Please, could Gyananidhi share her recipies.”
“This retreat was one of the best!!!  I especially enjoyed the flow of the programme, the connection between you all and the programme sessions - it all flowed beautifully - and the love you have for each other was so evident - it shone through in all that you did.  It helped make my experience at the Retreat very special indeed.
I hope you are able to have some rest today after what was probably a very intense time for you all - I know it is a lot of work behind the scenes to have a Retreat flow so well...
Please know that your efforts are very much appreciated and I hope I am able to enjoy another retreat with you all again soon.”
“Beautiful yoga retreat. 
If you had it every month I would come again and again!
Beautiful food, loved the Feldy, all the asana practices and all the Yoga Nidra were heavenly.
Staveley is a gorgeous spot whether sunny or raining.
Thank you so much.
I am completely nourished.”
“The weekend was perfect.”
“Suggestion:  More satsang (truth speaking) circles; more retreats, spring and autumn; more of the teachers – good complement of skills and classes; the number attending was just right; lovely with all women participants – perhaps a women’s wisdom retreat in the future would be great. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
Om Om Om.”
Suggestion:  “Another retreat in spring and autumn;
5 day reatreat;
Staveley works well as people do not have to travel too far.
I feel totally nourished, physically, mentally and spiritually.  And I am leaving with work to do – an excellent way to leave.”

Ushi Heyd