Autumn Moon Retreat by Atmavidya

Autumn Moon

Recharge, Restore, Revitalise

Yoga and Meditation Retreat

We have been asked many times to run a Yoga and Meditation retreat.  We have enjoyed responding to this need with a big ‘yes’.  Each time we have run these Retreats they have been received with great enthusiasm.  Bookings, usually fill within a few weeks of sending out the message about the Retreat.  So  over the last three years we have run one Retreat each year, close to Christchurch at Staveley.

We have loved each Retreat.  It was a great opportunity for all participants to get to come a little closer to one another.  There is a beautiful bond that grows between people who practice yoga and meditation together.  It is deeper than the conversations that often we don’t have, coming quietly into the weekly class and leaving beautifully and quietly blissed at the end of the class.  The people who have joined us in these last three years loved this opportunity to interact with one another, to share meals and also sacred silence together.

The sleeping space is simple, comfortable and clean.  It allows each person to feel they have their own space.  The sacred silence practice was enjoyed by everyone, starting at the end of the evening meditation and continuing until after breakfast the next morning.  It gave us all the opportunity to be quiet and with ourselves, to deepen the meditation practice of antar mouna, observing the experience of thoughts, feelings, emotions and to give space, in the quiet, for deeper clarity and wisdom to be present. 

This year we have chosen the time of Autumn Moon for the Retreat and we look forward to exploring the deepening of our capacity to let go, with the rest of nature, at this time.  We welcome the opportunity to allow the experience of contentment with life as it is, strengthened and inspired by the reconnection with Self.  We trust you will love the blend of Hatha and Feldy Yoga that we will be offering this year. 

A residential retreat in a yogic environment can be a powerful way to experience the benefits of the full package of practices.  People usually start to feel the quieting effect of the practices right from the start. 

Staveley is an easy 90 minute drive from Christchurch.  We loved being so close to beautiful Te Kiekie (Mount Somers). The retreat on offer is designed to create spaciousness and includes time to enjoy interacting with new and old friends, explore nature and deepen connection to practice.  There will be room and time to simply relax in the beautiful environment, enjoy the shallow river near by or play with each other, see photos below. (Please note that the partner yoga photo was taking during such 'play time' and is not part of the official program.)

The type of feedback people have given over these retreats tells us that people:

  • Love the food and the friendship and connection with other yoga aspirants;
  • Could not believe that vegetarian food could be so delicious;
  • Love the deeper experience of the practices;
  • Found just the right balance between space and practices;
  • Receiving restful sleep and the gift of this space to re-treat;
  • Felt that the practices given in each class where given especially for them;
  • Experienced a sense of renewal nourishment at the end of the weekend, feeling ready to ‘take on’ the rest of life;







Commitment to attend with deposit required by 25 February as there are limited spaces.

Facilitators: Atmavidya, Gyananidhi and Nicky

Registrations/bookings:   Nicky Woodward


Ushi Heyd