Walking the talk

Looking after ourselves and after each other - Yoga for You teacher collective on retreat

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As you probably know Yoga for You is run as a collective. We are five women, all teachers of yoga or feldenkrais, and have come together as a collective, as much for our own learning as for teaching others. We are all dedicated to our own personal growth and to sharing the gems we discover on our way with others.

Committed to living authentically and putting into practice what we teach and believe in, we ignored those little voices in our heads telling us we are too busy, and set a date for us teachers to come together for a weekend, take time out, connect, be with each other and create space for new ideas to flourish. We decided on taking this time to foster a connection between us, not just as teachers but as friends, as women, as mothers, as practitioners, as students …

We rented a gorgeous place near Akaroa, set on a bushy hillside, with view on the harbour. We loved every moment of it and came away nourished and inspired. Among other activities we also reflected individually on why each one of us continues to choose to work collectively; here are some of the things that transpired:

I choose to be part of the Yoga for You collective, 

because I believe we can create beauty together
because I love being a small part of something bigger
because I need support
because I can learn from others
because it is more sustainable
because it enlivens my own practice
because we work from the heart
because we love one another
because it is at the heart of community, which is how I would like to live and work

With hearts and spirits refreshed we are now preparing for the coming year 2018.

May your spirits shine brightly this festive season.

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Ushi Heyd