Yoga for You - past & future


IT ALL STARTED WHEN WE ASKED OURSELVES   ...   where to from here? 


Vishuddhi Yoga Centre  in Christchurch,  the home of YOGA for YOU, was sold together with the adjacent family home in December 2016. Vishuddhi Centre had become an oasis for those seeking peace, inspiration and support through yoga and meditation. Over the 15 years of its existence different teachers, students, karma yogis and spiritual seekers have given their time, effort and good will which had allowed it to grow into a vibrant community.

Despite the physical premises having changed hands (more on the new owners soon) we don't feel this to be the end. We see it as a transformation into something new... the  format of which we cannot yet clearly conceive. 

As in all processes of growth and change a period of disorganisation/chaos needs to be experienced. We consider the 'not knowing' how to move forward as 'positive uncertainty' and approach it with curiosity and openness ... as we hope you will too.

In recent years YOGA for YOU has had input from experienced and dedicated yoga teachers as well as Feldenkrais practitioner and Bowen therapists.  We have now come together in the desire to develop new ways of sharing and teaching that is independent of a fixed  location.  What binds us is our shared passion for authentic teachings, our personal experience of their benefits and our longing to pass on these gems. We are excited about this new development and feel strongly that what we can achieve together is much greater than the sum of its parts.

We are still in the 'chaos period' exploring different ideas and doing our part so the process can unfold in its own time. Sometimes the smallest things, sudden ideas or conversations can become the catalyst for a new direction. 

All we can say is

watch this space ...

PS: If you feel inspired to contact us and share some of your thoughts or contribute in any way, please don't hesitate. 

Ushi Heyd